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4th Place at the Sarasota Power Boat Grand Prix

4th Place at the Sarasota Power Boat Grand Prix

July 6, 2023

Scott Free Racing participated in the Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix amidst calm conditions and a vibrant atmosphere with thousands of fans lining the beach for the holiday weekend. Despite a strong setup, the team faced handling difficulties that prevented them from running with the leaders.

As the race began, Scott Free Racing showcased their excellent setup and gained early momentum. However, their handling issues became apparent, hindering their ability to match the speed and agility of the frontrunners. Despite the challenges, the team remained determined, maneuvering skillfully and persevering throughout the race.

With unwavering support from the enthusiastic fans, Scott Free Racing crossed the finish line in fourth place. Although they did not secure a podium finish, their commendable performance in the face of handling struggles demonstrated their resilience and commitment to the sport. The team now looks forward to refining their setup and improving their handling capabilities for future races, aiming to return stronger and compete at the highest level once again.


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